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Why You Should Have Wine Racks at Home?

So, you’ve decided to take your love for wine to a new level and start a collection at home. You’ve purchased your first bottle but where do you store it? Not many individuals understand the role a wine racks plays in maintaining the overall quality of the wine. However, a true wine lover or a burgeoning aficionado would take heed to a few tips to preserve their valued collection.

Here are three benefits of having wine racks at home:

1. Maintaining acceptable temperature levels

In order to preserve the aroma and flavour or your wine, you want to avoid storage areas that are hot. Too much heat will result in flat aromas and flavours. This doesn’t mean cold is best. Storing your wine in cold areas, such as your fridge, could also ruin the flavour and aroma of the wine. The temperature in the average household refrigerator can fall below 45 degrees; storing a bottle of wine at this temperature for an extended period can lead to the cork losing moisture which can lead to moisture from outside the bottle seeping in resulting in reduced quality.

2. Limiting movement and convenient storage

Using a wine rack also helps to secure your wine bottles and limit their movement. The limited movement means that the risk of wine bottles being damaged is significantly lower. In addition to preventing unwanted mishaps using a wine rack will help you save space. Storing your wine bottles in a rack takes less space than if you were to store the bottles in cardboard boxes, for example.

3. Preserving the flavour of the wine

Proper storage helps the wine to mature well. Most wine racks are horizontal; meaning wine bottles are stored on their sides. However, there are a few individuals who use vertical racks that stack bottles on top of each other standing up. Despite the buzz about vertical racks, horizontal ones are still best as storing wine on its side helps to prevent the sediments in the wine from settling at the bottom. It also keeps the liquid up against the cork, which helps to prevent the cork from drying out.

Come see our creative wine racks!

Now that you’ve decided that using a wine rack is beneficial, how do you decide which type is best? Wine racks come in various shapes and sizes; they can also be made from either wood or metal. You can have a mini wine rack, a wall-mounted wine rack or you may even consider a floor-to-ceiling design.

Whatever style you decide to use, the capable team at Daintree Industries can help to bring your vision to life. So, give us a call today or visit one of our dealers or our website to learn more.

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