Our Company – Daintree Industries Ltd.

Our absolute priority is clear communications and attention to detail in the work we create and the relationships we hold.

Daintree Industries Ltd encompasses three facets of expert consultation and product manufacturing: Daintree Industries Architectural Millwork & JoineryDI Design, and Liquid Systems. Founded on the supply of architectural millwork and joinery from Vancouver to Whistler, our diverse design and building experience stretches from Australia to Canada, and combines over 26 years of construction and design knowledge.

Located in Squamish, BC, we offer Canadian designed and manufactured products for residential and commercial projects, both local and abroad. We work closely with Architects, Designers and Contractors to meet specific details, client expectations, and to achieve the highest level of finish in all of our work. Our absolute priority is customer satisfaction through clear communications and attention to detail in the work we create and in the relationships we hold.

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Our Humans

Chris | Daintree Industries

Chris Polley
Grand Poobah #1
Says he’ll retire by 40 but really, he can’t get enough of the new tools.

Joel | Daintree Industries

Joel Trigg
Wizard of Interiors
Puts the design in Di Design. Also, another Grand Poobah.

Wendy | Daintree Industries

Wendy Howarth
Interior Designer
Totally nailing the balancing act between form and function.

Daintree Industries - Daisy Ng | Daintree Industries

Daisy Ng
Liquid Systems Sales
In the house to represent.

Daintree Industries - Jakub | Daintree Industries

Jakub Zuzanak
CNC Machinist
Jakub’s his name and the big machines are his game.

Benoit Lallemand | Daintree Industries

Benoit Lallemand
Lead Fabricator / Installer
Something left field about donuts and rockets.

Daintree Industries - Tommy Mash

Tommy Mash
Project Manager / Programmer
You just know that this guy knows . . . that you know.

Bonnie | Daintree Industries

Bonnie McIntyre
Accounts Receivable
Bonnie’s my name and knee-breaking’s my game.

Daintree Industries - Rodrigue | Daintree Industries

Rodrigue Riou
Millwork Fabricator
Lives, eats, breathes woodchips.

Daintree Industries - Scott

Scott Ruttle
Millwork Fabricator
Thinks he wears Elle’s toque better than her.


Daintree Industires - David

David Prowse
Fabrication & Transport Extraordinaire
They see me rollin’, they hatin….

Daintree Industries - Matt

Matt Stibbard
Millwork Fabricator
Has the skills to pay the bills.

Daintree Industries - Elle

Elle Gassner
Sure there’s greener grass over there, but on my side it’s all rainbows and gold dust.

Contact Us

Allow us to bring our meticulous process and exceptional results to the service of your next project.

TOLL FREE: 1.855.333.6252

PO Box 517
Brackendale, BC V0N 1H0, Canada

38930 Mid Way
Squamish, BC V8B 0J5, Canada

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Dealer Inquiries

If you are interested in becoming part of the global representative team of the ‘Liquid Systems’ product range, please contact us for available representation positions in your area.

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