Our Company – Daintree Industries Ltd.

Daintree Industries Ltd encompasses two distinct business areas; Daintree Design Studio and Daintree Manufacturing.

Founded on the supply of architectural millwork and joinery from Vancouver to Whistler, Daintree Industries’ diverse design and building experience stretches from Australia to Canada. Daintree Industries Ltd represents expert consultation and product manufacturing, and combines over 30 years of construction and design knowledge. Located in Squamish, BC, the Manufacturing team offer Canadian made products for residential and commercial projects within the sea to sky corridor and beyond. The Design Studio tackles residential and commercial projects all over Canada with a specialized focus on luxury single family homes and holiday homes.

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Liquid Systems (by Daintree Industries Ltd) is a product range that came from the collaboration between the design and manufacturing expertise. Learn more about Liquid Systems here.

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Our Humans

Chris | Daintree Industries

Chris Polley
Grand Poobah #1
Says he’ll retire by 40 but really, he can’t get enough of the new tools.

Joel | Daintree Industries

Joel Trigg
Wizard of Interiors
Giving the studio its creative direction. Also, another Grand Poobah.

Daintree Industries - Bex

Bex Mitchell
LS Project Manager
Wrangling LS racks, keeping projects free of cracks.

Daintree Industries - Jakub | Daintree Industries

Jakub Zuzanak
CNC Machinist
Jakub’s his name and the big machines are his game.

Benoit Lallemand | Daintree Industries

Benoit Lallemand
Millwork Fabricator / Installer
Something left field about donuts and rockets.

Bonnie | Daintree Industries

Bonnie McIntyre
Accounts Receivable
Bonnie’s my name and knee-breaking’s my game.

Steve Saloutos
Millwork Fabricator
Bringing just the right amount of headstrong to make his mark in the workshop...

Daintree Industries - Matt

Matt Stibbard
Millwork Fabricator
Has the skills to pay the bills.

Daintree Industries - Ali

Ali Wallace
Intern Interior Designer
Helping turn places and spaces into abodes and homes.

Daintree Industries - Tyrone

Tyrone Brett
LS Business Development & Sales
Helping lift LS to the top shelf.

Daintree Industries - Alex

Alex Comptois
Millwork and Door Fabricator
Words do no justice...

Daintree Industries - Byron

Byron Delachevrotiere
CNC Machinist
Brings all the syllables to his millworking game.

Daintree Industries - Kate

Kate Carlson
Interior Designer
Bringing even more global flair to our design team.

Daintree Industries - Tom

Tom Keulemans
Millwork Fabricator
Ain't no fabricating how good this guy is on the machines!

Daintree Industries - Pep

Pep Esteve-Calvo
3D and Autocad Designer
Bringing 3D design zen into your den.

Jesse Bertram
Millwork Fabricator
Ready and prepared to bear the brunt of incoming work orders!

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38930 Mid Way
Squamish, BC V8B 0J5, Canada

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