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Custom Wine Storage Options

Custom wine storage options. Wine collecting can be an investment or just an enjoyable hobby. If you are a wine collector, it is important that you properly store your wine.

Wine continues to develop even after it’s been bottled. You’ve probably heard the saying, “aged like fine wine”. If you want your wine to age well, you should aim to store the wine between 50⁰ F and 55⁰ F in an area that has low light and constant humidity of about 70%. You should also ensure that your wine bottles are not moved too often or placed in an area with many vibrations.

If you follow these rules, you should have wine that gets even better with age, whether you’ve collected the wine for your own enjoyment or as an investment.

Where to store your wine

After you’ve figured out the ideal conditions in which your wine should be kept, there is still the issue of where to store your bottles. Daintree Industries has the solution to that problem.

Daintree Industries is a manufacturing company in Squamish, BC that offers Canadian designed and manufactured custom wine storage options for both residential and commercial purposes.

If you need a place to store your wine, here are the wine racking system we provide:

Mono Series

The Mono Series offers varied options for singular bottle display to provide a practical solution for wine storage in compact spaces. The mono plates are a single plate mounted to a vertical surface. The mono plates can be position however you like and fit all our standard bottle holding fins, or our led light pad display. Multiple mono plates may be used to create your own unique designs.

Mini Series

If you do not have an extensive wine collection and only need to store a few bottles of wine, another option you may want to consider is the Mini Series. The Mini Series is the counter-mounted solution that feels right at home on any counter, free-standing moveable custom wine storage units available in any of the 13 anodized colour options and with solid oak or walnut base and cap.

Classic Series

In the Classic Series, you will find wine storage units with hidden, secure fastenings that allow clean installation to the surface of any wall. These units are designed to suit traditional cellar configurations where wall space is available. Specify to suit your own unique ceiling heights and configuration as the posts are made to order. All available in any of our 13 anodized colours, or be bold and mix some colours for some true uniqueness.

Exclusive Series

If you are searching for a floor-to-ceiling display system, the Exclusive Series is what you need. This series boasts the ability to suit ceiling heights and with floor-to-ceiling mounting the use of one or two sides for extended storage creates even more and unique display options.

Additional features

The bottle support fins in our wine racking systems all come with a silicone insert to securely nest individual bottles. The modular components allow for ease of installation and minimal use of tools. Each series has the option of LED light displays and come in multiple colours. Entire systems are 100% North American made and patented in Canada and USA.

Visit our store today!

If you are ready to purchase a new wine racking system, visit one of our specialized dealers, or if there is not one near you, feel free to reach out directly. We’re always happy to meet at our location at 38930 Mid Way, Squamish, BC. If you have questions, give us a call to speak with a member of our team. 1855.333.6252.

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