New Build ::  3,200 sq.ft
Location ::  Pemberton Valley, BC
Design Team ::  Greg Poulin + DI Design
Construction ::  Newlines
Status :: Complete

DI Design - Pinewood ProjectThis 3,200 square feet single family home is perched at the very top of Pinewood Drive in the picturesque Pemberton Valley. A functional and aesthetically pleasing home for a family having resided in the area for many years.

The owner’s professional expertise in detailed fabrication and a keen eye for detail as well as an affection for innovation inspired the design of this project. Knowing the client’s abilities allowed us to push boundaries and extend design possibilities resulting in an ever so exquisite layout, a magnificent functional and practical family home.

DI Design - Pinewood Project

Pinewood so eloquently aids in bridging the gap between houses and homes, nature and buildings. Letting natural materials play a conducive part in the affects of ones’ spiritual, physical and emotional positivity and well being. Custom wood cabinetry hardware and integration pushes experience through touch. Mindful of nature and the ambiance that surrounds living materials this is an open, free, modern mountain home, soft and timeless.

Mirrored facades were created to reflect the abundance of views, bringing the playground into the home.  Large entertaining decks focus up valley, creating the outdoor dining and living room to extend the congregation zone.  Utilizing natural materials and luxurious textures within this contemporary space creates a shift in focus, from sometimes a cold and sharp contemporary design intent, this palette mix softens the effects to make this concept feel right at home in the mountains.

Di Design