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About Liquid Systems

Daintree Industries’ answer to the need for an attractive, simple, adaptable design for the display and storage of a wide variety of bottled beverages.

Liquid Systems is a patented system that came about as a result of years of experience in the design and fabrication of custom cellars.
Canadian patent no. CA151354S   U.S. patent no. D751871

As wine storage is creeping further and further from the dark, hidden depths of the basement it was evident the market needed an aesthetically pleasing, stand-alone system that is as much art on its own as it is a means to effectively display your most prized possessions. Easily installed and customized to suit your desires, Liquid Systems is a made-to-order product, ensuring the product fits your exact needs and space.

The Liquid Systems range offers four ‘series’ to suit differing installation techniques, storage and customization requirements. All are designed and manufactured in Canada by Daintree Industries Ltd. The use of stainless steel hardware for strength and support of the aluminum structure allows the entire range of Liquid Systems to be 100% recyclable.  Available in varying configurations and 12 anodized colors, Liquid Systems offers endless opportunity for customized installations and are built to outlast any collection.

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