Having a good team onboard for any building project is essential.  With Daintree Industries’ extensive background in the construction industry we offer not only the skills required to get the project done from a millwork and specialized installation stand-point, but we have the insight to work as a team with the contractor, designer and other sub-trades to make everything from framing to completion run as smoothly as possible.  Through this experience we have developed a work process designed to set us up as a go to company and to achieve our goals of producing the highest quality work and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Whether it be creating architectural millwork, custom furniture or integration of our ‘Liquid Systems’ line, our work process serves our customers from the start to finish of any job we undertake. We offer a detail-orientated approach covering consultation, design, fabrication and installation.

We begin with getting a detailed understanding of the customer’s vision and requirements to ensure we are all looking to achieve the same end result. Functionality and aesthetic requirements, budget and timeframe are among the factors determined at this point.
With a clear understanding of the customer’s ideals, we prepare design concepts and refine them to a final client-approved design that meets or exceeds the project requirements.
This is where a customer’s vision is given life. Experience and skill, working with a wide range of materials in a world-class facility, are combined to produce quality workmanship that we take pride in.
A project only becomes fully realised upon successful installation. This is where we define ourselves by the highest standards; we employ detailed planning and execution to ensure your project reaches the best possible outcome. Complete customer satisfaction is merely a bi-product of this proven process.